Reiki healing touch therapy session 60minutes  $60.00

Reiki healing touch therapy session  90minutes  $75.00

Clearing negative energy from home/office  $75.00/hr

Developing crystal grids for manifesting and charging the grid with Reiki  $45.00/month

Clearing and charging your crystals with Reiki $5.00


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Melissa Tufford, CRNA

Vanji Vosler, RN

Patricia Brockmeier,

Bethany Clinch

Kasi Tobler

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What is Life Force? It is the energy in all living things.  We all produce energy, however we all vibrate at different levels of energy.  Energy is everywhere in and around us.  Energy centers inside our bodies are called Chakras and energy outside our body is called the Aura.

Have you ever felt like things just are not going like they should or that you are not fulfilling your life purpose.  Maybe you feel like you have a fog over you.  Maybe you have anxiety or fear about things in your life.  Perhaps you have an injury, old or new, that is causing pain.

When energy becomes stuck in our bodies it often leads to symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and sometimes can even lead to diseases.

As a Master Reiki Practitioner, I can tap into Reiki energy to balance your mind, body, emotions and soul.  Reiki always works for the highest good and can help you make better decisions and choices in your life.



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